What Clients Are Saying

Brenda M: 2020

"When I first contacted Fabio for a consultation, I was afraid of losing my job of 35+ years. Once we started working together, his knowledge of Human Rights law and Employment laws built up my confidence. Fabio is not only a true professional, he is also a very compassionate person. He is honest with his recommendations and represented me as a person and not a "case". His advice and guidance throughout the entire process made me comfortable in my choices. We worked together on a very long and drawn out case. But with Costante Law on my side, I had the determination to see it through. I truly believe that I would not be working now if it were not for Fabio. I would not hesitate in recommending Fabio and Costante Law to anyone with Employment issues. Reaching out and trusting Fabio is one of the best decisions I have ever made."

Mark E: 2019


"I would highly recommend Costante Law Firm to prospective clients.  Fabio provided me with expertise and advice throughout all aspects of my situation.  He provided a high level of professionalism and was responsive to my questions in a very timely manner.   His extensive knowledge in the area of employment and labour law provided me with the background that was needed to reach a positive result for me and my family.   More importantly, he provided a voice of reason that I was seeking since these types of employment issues can be emotionally charged and draining.  Fabio’s guidance provided an ideal solution."

Kristen D: 2018


"In going through a difficult situation where you have been wronged and are seeking assistance in making things right, it is very hard to trust someone to do what is best for you. I was very intimidated in having to obtain a lawyer and to be able to put my full trust in someone to do what is in my best interest. Having to enter into a legal battle is something that nobody looks forward to and I was also receiving chemotherapy treatments during the whole process which made it extra difficult for me. Fabio had a way of making my case feel important while also being sensitive to the medical issues I was experiencing at the time. I felt like I was not just a file to him but that he truly cared about what I was going through.

The first time I met with Fabio all of my fear and anxiety about the situation dissolved. I was referred to Fabio by people who knew him and solicited his services before. The first time we met in his office to discuss my situation he very carefully absorbed ever detail and made me feel heard and understood. Fabio made me feel important as if I was his only client which is a manner of service that is rare to find in today’s society. 

I am very grateful for the service I received and the outcome of my case. Fabio was genuinely happy to help me and that made the entire experience worth it in the end." 

Alvilda D: 2018


"I first retained Fabio Costante when he was working for Mousseau DeLuca McPherson Prince. He provided excellent legal service and so I had my file follow him when he set up his own practice, Costante Law.  

Fabio was always quick to respond, with full answers to any of my questions.  He provided detailed explanations of relevant legal concepts, workplace law and my rights in straightforward language that I could understand. He clearly laid out all my options, as well as providing his opinion on which options he thought were best. 

Coming from a workplace with no union representation, I finally felt someone had my back. I felt empowered with the knowledge of the law and of my rights. I felt comfortable knowing I was making knowledgeable decisions that were in my best interest, based on the expert advise that Fabio provided. 

I would not hesitate to recommend Fabio Costante to anyone seeking advice or dealing with an employment issue. He is an excellent lawyer, providing truly excellent service." 

Global Industrial Services: 2018

“Fabio defended and favourably settled a human rights complaint against our company. His knowledge of human rights law was instrumental in achieving a favourable result. In addition to Fabio’s knowledge of the law, he expressed a deep knowledge of small business and the challenges we face in this competitive environment. We are happy with his representation and recommend him to any small business looking for an honest, practical and competent employment lawyer.” Rob


“During a case, in which, Fabio was representing our company he made the process very understandable to me. He prepared me for the trial making me feel at ease with the procedure to take place. I would strongly recommend Fabio when it comes to representing any company and he is very knowledgeable and well prepared and easy to work with.” Elizabeth

Barb H: 2018


“FABIO IS A TRUE PROFESSIONAL:  I cannot say enough about Fabio Costante’s professionalism, thoroughness and efficiency in handling my case and always responding to my phone calls and/or emails promptly.  From my initial call with him, he showed understanding and empathy while professionally explaining how he would handle my situation in clear terms which brought great comfort.   He handled my case in a timely manner while keeping me informed of the progress along the way.  I would highly recommend Fabio if you are ever in need of an employment lawyer as he truly has a passion for helping people through tough situations." 

Betty C: 2017


"When I first met with Fabio Costante, I was very confused and basically didn’t understand what was happening to me or why.  Being terminated after 33 years of service was one of the worst feelings I’ve had.  By the time I left his office, I felt like I’ve known Mr. Costante for a long time. He was kind, understanding and most importantly honest.  He told me what would be an easy win and what may be a little more difficult.  All the while reassuring me I had a case to fight for.  In a few short months (which could have taken up to 2 years) he won my case without even going through the court system and I received exactly what I wanted.  Fabio was there for me anytime I had questions or concerns.  He knows the labour laws to help people when they are wronged and I am truly grateful for his knowledge, ability and kindness.  I recommend him 100%." 

Anonymous (client choice) - Constructive Dismissal Case - 2017

"I had the pleasure of having Fabio represent my case against my previous employer. He was very honest and supportive throughout the entire process. Fabio has great integrity and works for his clients to achieve the very best results. He is extremely knowledgeable and confident with employment law and labour relations which made me feel like I was in good care. I ended up with a great result and was very happy with how Fabio fought to help me win my case!"

Precision Broach and Machine Ltd.: 2016 - 2018


"Fabio has represented our company in a trial defending against a wrongful dismissal claim, in a civil appeal of a wrongful dismissal claim, and in successfully defending against a fiduciary duty claim alleged by a competing company. His knowledge of employment law and advocacy has been instrumental in navigating the judicial system and providing favourable results for our company. 

Fabio is a true professional who understands the challenges and opportunities of small businesses, and takes a practical approach to solving difficult and complex legal issues. We are grateful for his representation."